Farms and Homes From Long Ago

About Me

Hello, my name is Clarence Salsbury. I have been in the aerial photography business for over 35 years, starting as a door to door salesman. Traveling the country for the past three decades has given me awareness to the changes of rural America. Long gone are the days when 40 head of dairy cows or 200 acres of land could support a family. In a way, the innocence of those days are gone as well.

I am now happily involved in an effort to bring back the memories of those days through the aerial photos that were taken long ago. I do my best to locate photos from your past so that your memories can stay alive and are preserved for future generations. I don’t want your hard work to be forgotten or your memories to become faded ones.

Our Company

Vintage Aerial has a collection of over 25 million photographs that spans almost 50 years, documenting a time in American history when life revolved around rural communities and small farms. Our common American heritage happened in that time; in those rural communities. We want to share the period preserved in these photos, and the memories they represent, with the generations who came too late to experience it firsthand.

Procedure for Searching

(( IMPORTANT )) PLEASE READ THIS SECTION IN ITS ENTIRETY.)) We receive thousands of requests to find historic photos of family farms and rural homes. It is our desire to offer the highest quality of service on those requests. So it is very important to read all the following.

Proceed only if you are interested in finding  and possibly acquiring an aerial photo from your past.  Take the time to look around the web site.  Go to our products and see our product offerings. Then start your search. Please fill in the location information as accurate as possible, even if the homestead isn’t there anymore. We need location information in today’s terms. Rural routes or owners names do not assist us in our search. Please set your mail server to accept emails from .

Once I find and scan the roll of film the property is located on, I will contact you by email to schedule the viewing of a slide show over the internet. This viewing is necessary as I can only get to the correct roll of film, I need you to point out the property.

I will then call on the day and time you select and give you a slide show code. You will be in the comfort of your home or office and I will be in mine. Click on the button or the photo below to start the search.

Please forward this link to anyone you feel would be interested in locating a big part of their past.

Thank you, and I hope we can find a piece of your history and bring back many fond memories.

–Clarence Salsbury

Information you provide is not shared with anyone. It is only used to assist in the property search.

(Information you provide is not shared with anyone. It is only used for the purpose of finding and showing you the photos of the property you are looking for.)

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